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Create The Cloud Native Future Together With Kubernetes Operators

Kubernetes Operators are about to bring Kubernetes to the next level of automation. OperatorCon focuses on the challenges faced by small and larger organizations with managing cloud native applications in production. The main topics are the cloud native operator pattern and how operators can help automate daily operations of your infrastructure.

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Learn From And Exchange Ideas With Leading Cloud Native Experts

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Valuable Insights

Speakers from leading cloud native companies will share their know-how and experience. You can learn from their advice and see how they found success.

International audience

Don’t miss the opportunity to get valuable insights from your peers. Whether you are just beginning to roll out your first Kubernetes implementation or you are already running cloud native applications at a larger scale.

Great Networking

OperatorCon is a KubeCon Amsterdam Day Zero event. Take the chance to network in a smaller setting before the craziness of KubeCon hits.


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    • 11:30-12:00


    • 12:00-12:20

      Introduction and Welcome

      By Sebastian Scheele


    • 12:20-12:50

      Automated Multi Cluster Service Management

      By Nico Schieder


    • 12:50-13:20

      Challenges in Building a Multi-Cloud-Provider Platform With Managed Kubernetes

      By Jörg Schad


    • 13:20-13:50

      How to make users love your cluster with Operators

      By Daniel Messer

      Red Hat

    • 13:50-14:20


      By Ken Owens


    • 14:20-14:50


    • 14:50-15:20

      Introduction to KUDO - Kubernetes Operators The Easy Way

      By Matt Jarvis & Nick Jones


    • 15:20-15:50

      Lessons learned from writing an Elasticsearch operator

      By Sebastien Guilloux


    • 15:50-16:20

      A Telco view of Operators

      By Tom Kivlin


    • 16:20-16:50

      CRDs & the API – the backbone of operators

      By Stefan Schimanski

      Red Hat

    • 16:50-17:00


      By Sebastian & Julian



    Who is speaking

    Matt Jarvis

    Matt Jarvis

    Director of Community, D2IQ

    Nick Jones

    Nick Jones

    Community Engineering Lead, D2IQ

    Daniel Messer

    Daniel Messer

    Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

    Sebastien Guilloux

    Sebastien Guilloux

    Software Engineer, Elastic

    Tom Kivlin

    Tom Kivlin

    Principal Cloud Orchestration Architect, Vodafone Group Service Limited

    Jörg Schad

    Jörg Schad

    Head Of Engineering and Machine Learning, ArangoDB

    Nico Schieder

    Nico Schieder

    Software Engineer, Kubermatic

    Sebastian Scheele

    Sebastian Scheele

    CEO, Kubermatic

    Stefan Schimanski

    Stefan Schimanski

    Software Engineer, Red Hat

    Venue location - De Balie
    August 13, 2020

    Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam, Niederlande

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